Cyclist shot during weekend ride through New Orleans (VIDEO)

A cyclist is recovering after he was shot in the back while riding with a cycle club in New Orleans Saturday morning, and while he initially thought he had been shot with a pellet gun, NOPD spokesman Aaron Looney later confirmed it was a bullet that penetrated Christopher Weiss’ skin.

“The bullet is still in my back,” Weiss said. “It came really close to hitting my spine, which would have been a very different story.”

The group, which has routinely ridden the same route for years, said this wasn’t this first incident either. In fact, a number of club members have been shot with paintball guns over the past few months, but now they fear their routine rides are becoming increasingly dangerous.

This particular incident, however, was captured on video.

Weiss was riding with the group when he felt a piercing pain in his back and assumed – like other club members in the past – he had been hit with a paintball.

“I reached back expecting to feel my hand come away with paint and then there was no paint,” Weiss said. “Then what went through my head was ‘OK, I’ve been shot, but it was something worse than a paintball.”

Moments later, Weiss can be seen on the video bent over in pain. Weiss was rushed to the hospital, but the incident has club members concerned.

“They’re snipering bicyclists,” Weiss said. “You’re an abstract object.”

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