Family, funeral home at odds over treatment of veteran’s body (VIDEO)

Some friends and family of a Vietnam veteran who was buried last week were appalled at the way George Taylor’s body was treated for a Thursday visitation, but the funeral home defended their methods saying it was what some family members requested as they waited for funds from the insurance company.

Taylor, who was 71 years old when he died, was a U.S. Army veteran who served two tours in the Vietnam War. Taylor’s son, James, called the manner in which his father was laid out for visitation “very disrespectful.”

Rather than being placed in a casket, Taylor was laid on a gurney with an American flag draped across his body. Heritage Funeral Home confirmed that there wasn’t a casket at the viewing due to a pending payment from the insurance company. The funeral home said the issue was never about money – or the lack thereof. It appeared instead to be more of a case between feuding family members.

Nonetheless, photos of Taylor’s body quickly made rounds through social media, causing further outrage among internet users. Still, the funeral home defended their actions, saying they did nothing wrong and only honored the requests of the family members making the arrangements.

The funeral home also confirmed that Taylor was, in fact, buried in a silver steel casket with full military honors at Chattanooga National Cemetery.

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