G2R 7.62x39mm Trident rounds vs. pork shoulder is just gross (VIDEO)

Andrew with GY6 Vids grabbed a box of G2 Research’s Trident rounds — whose 100 percent copper petaled design is like a ceiling fan when it opens up — and pitted it against pork.

The G2R 7.62x39mm Supersonic Trident series are pricey 124-grain rounds traveling at 2,270 feet per second and are billed at penetrating 17+ inches in gel as well as tripling in diameter over the course of that wound channel.

Well, Andrew brought the gel as well as a nice pork shoulder butt roast to see how the Trident works as a slap-chop.

By the end of the video, it’s pretty much just raining meat, which is bad for those porktose intolerant. However, there were some issues when it came to the third petal deploying.

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