Hawaii spearfisher finds Neptune's Mossberg (VIDEO)

Never know what you're gonna find on the bottom of the ocean ?• @unko_fuken_alfred "Yesterday's dive with @808suvivah we found some cool stuff laying on the bottom of the ocean , I think I even found a murder weapon"

Posted by Spearchannel on Friday, February 10, 2017

For all those who argue boating accidents claimed their gun collection, don’t lose it in shallow water haunted by spearfishermen.

An Oahu, Hawaii-based deep diving angler, Alfred Santos, posted the video to his really inspiring IG account back in February of his blue water find– a rusty and crusty Mossberg 500 PGO shotgun.

The short clip starts with him finding a long lost hobby quad, then switches to his find of the Mossy in a crevice. The spearo surfaces and laughs about it with his friend then tries to work the corn cob without much luck.

No word on if Mossberg is covering it under the warranty.

To see the results of a separate Mossberg that fought a house fire, check out this extra crispy range find we stumbled on last year.

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