How it's made: The SHTF .50 cal BMG AR upper (VIDEO)

Master of the tactical mohawk, Hank Strange, visits Florida-based Safety Harbor Firearms and sees step-by-step how their .50 BMG upper is born.

From making the receiver on CNC machinery to welding the bolt heads and carriers, finishing, fabricating the rails, heat treating, mounting barrels and fitting/assembly, Safety Harbor seems on point in the manufacturing process of their no-FFL required SHTF 50s.

Walter Keller with Safety Harbor gets really in-depth at about the 5:50 mark, walking the viewer through the assembly process for the bolt and upper and everything looks super-sized due to the sheer leviathan dimensions of the 12.7x99mm NATO cartridge.

Test firing the finished product looks enjoyable /sarc/ but hey, it’s a .50 cal AR, so there’s that.

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