Atlanta man gets over 2 years for selling sawed-off shotgun

05/18/17 11:42 AM | by

An Atlanta man was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison Wednesday for possessing and selling a sawed-off shotgun.

According to a news release from the U.S. attorney’s office of the Northern District of Georgia, 30-year-old Edward Tororis Carter sold seven guns to an undercover ATF agent, including the sawed-off twelve-gauge shotgun.

“Carter indiscriminately sold firearms to any buyer without regard for their potential use,” said U.S. Attorney John Horn. “In his quest to make money, the defendant never considered that the outcome might have been deadly.”

“An individual brazen enough to sell weapons such as a sawed-off shotgun to buyers on the street poses a clear and present danger to our community. This sentence demonstrates ATF’s continued dedication to identify these individuals and remove them from our neighborhoods,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge Wayne Dixie.

In 2014, the ATF starting investigating Carter, a convicted felon, whom they suspected was purchasing and then illegally selling guns. Between May and August 2014, undercover federal agents bought seven firearms from Carter.

One of those sales included a 12-gauge shotgun, which had a sawed-off barrel length of only 12 inches and total length of 25 inches. When selling the shotgun, Carter indicated it was “ready to go,” according to federal agents.

Carter pleaded guilty to the charges on Dec. 22, 2016.

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