Steiner eOptics unveils second generation DBAL-A4 laser

The DBAL-A4 joins Steiner's DBAL series, offering a dual beam aiming laser as well as white light illumination. (Photo: Steiner eOptics)

The DBAL-A4 joins Steiner’s DBAL series, offering a dual beam aiming laser as well as white light illumination. (Photo: Steiner eOptics)

Steiner eOptics, best known for supplying high-end laser aiming devices, announced an update to the DBAL series, adding the DBAL-A4 v2 to its lineup.

The DBAL-A4 v2 premiered at the 2017 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Florida and seeks to continue innovating in the arena of laser aiming solutions.

The newest laser device offers the functionality of sister systems DBAL-A3 and MK4 Battle Light, but in one complete package. The compact laser serves up a visible laser pointer, an infrared laser pointer, a long-range as well as a secondary short range in addition to wide field of view infrared iluminator and a white illuminator. All of this comes in an all-aluminum package.

Designed in Vermont but built in Steiner’s new Ohio facility, the latest dual beam aiming laser offers a rugged and durable design that can withstand the rigors of military environments. Using input from skilled professionals, Steiner has aimed for a simple user-interface with advanced capability and battlefield functionality.

Steiner eOptics General Manager, Alan Page commented on the design in a press release saying, “The DBAL-A4 v2 is a key advancement in compact laser aiming solutions designed for elite and regular forces alike. The single unit design, simple user interface, and especially the no-compromise dual IR illuminators cut training time while significantly increasing mission effectiveness.”

He added, “The DBAL-A4 v2 is an example of why Steiner eOptics remains the primary choice for military, government, and law enforcement organizations worldwide.”

No word yet on price, however other iterations on the DBAL series retail for over $800.

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