Kahr unleashes Kryptek Camo on Value Series pistols

The Kryptek Camo design on the 9mm platform. (Photo: Kahr Arms)

The Kryptek Camo design on the 9mm platform. (Photo: Kahr Arms)

Kahr Arms launched four new models on their Value Series line bathed in Kryptek Camo and Cerakote Armor Black, the company announced Wednesday.

Three 9mm and one .380 ACP concealed carry pistols boasts the ramped up finish that Kahr said initially gained popularity in 2015 when Kryptek Camo was released on two Deagles.

“The pattern was so widely accepted that it sold out almost immediately,” the company said in a press release. “Now, Kahr Arms is once again bringing back the popular Kryptek finish, but this time it will be offered on four of their small conceal carry Kahr pistols.”

Though the pistols don’t feature a fancy model name, instead opting for just item number, the Kryptek design utilizes a water transfer method paired with Cerakote Armor Black coating on the slide, trigger and slide stop lever.

Chambered in 9mm, the CW9093KRT, CM9093KRT and CT9093KRT offer a trigger cocking double action only, lock-breach and “Browning-type” recoil lug. Additionally, they tout  a passive striker block with no magazine disconnect. The pistols are equipped with a drift adjustable white 2-dot rear and a white-dot polymer front sight. Built with a capacity of 7+1, barrel lengths range from 3-inches to 4-inches depending on model.

Representing the compact, concealable .380 world, the CW3833KRT model is outfitted with a 2.58-inch barrel with overall length at 5-inches. Featuring a smaller slide width at 0.75-inches, the little gun also offers 3-dot sights and a 7+1 capacity.

The new models are not shipping to local dealers and carry a price tag starting at $439 for the .380 ACP. The 9mm options range in price from $477 to $495 depending on design.

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