Sightmark launches two laser sights for close-to mid-range shooting

The G6 mounted on a rifle. (Photo: Sightmark)

The G6 mounted on a rifle. (Photo: Sightmark)

Accessories maker Sightmark unveiled two new laser sights designed to aid shooters in close-to mid-range shooting environments.

The ReadyFire G6 and IR6 join the Sightmark family, offering tactical and hunting applications.

The G6 enjoys the added benefit of being touted as a home defense laser sight. The ReadyFire G6 mounts to firearm systems with weaver/Picatinny attachments. Delivering a 515nm 5mW green laser, the G6 can be seen 50 yards in daylight and 300 yards at night. The ergonomic design boasts a low-profile construction and finger adjustable clicks for easier fine tuning. The laser unit also allows users to choose between push button and pressure pad operation.

The matte black, aluminum G6 is water resistant and is operable in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit works alongside CR123A batteries with battery life lasting up to eight hours.

In addition to the ReadyFire G6, Sightmark adds the IR6, an invisible infrared laser sight, to the fray. Used in conjunction with a night vision device, the ReadyFire IR6 provides quite target acquisition in low-light, close proximity environments.

The IR6 boasts visibility up to 300 yards in pure darkness with the 830nm 7mW class 1 civilian legal IR sight. Completely invisible to the naked eye, IR lasers helpfully guide nighttime hunters to precise shot placement without spooking animals. For tactical types, the device can be used to rapidly acquire targets in close quarters.

The IR6 features a low profile design and finger adjustable clicks for zeroing and on-the-fly adjustments. The IR6, like the G6, also offers push button or press pad operation options.

The IR6 ship with a mount for picatinny and weaver rails and also boast a 1-inch tube design for use with aftermarket QD mounts. The laser sight is water-proof and constructed from aluminum. Sightmark says its durable design can withstand the recoil from a .308.

The ReadyFire G6 carries a price tag of $155.99 while the IR6’s pricing information is not yet available.

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