Everytown announces list of 130 authors pledged to fight gun violence

The gun control group backed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a new initiative last week designed to “harness the power of the literary community to amplify the gun safety movement.”

The new Everytown Authors Council is composed of 130 authors, illustrators and others “deeply connected to the literary community” who have joined the group to help support their work.

“We stand united and will work to reach more people, recruit more supporters and achieve more victories,” says the pledge signed by the authors, which supports expanded background checks and secure gun storage. “While these are just the first steps, we pledge to use our voices wherever and whenever we can, doing our part to help mobilize more Americans to help save lives from gun violence.”

Jodi Picoult, who used to write DC Comics’ “Wonder Woman,” says she joined the council as writers are “singularly suited to speak out on the need for common-sense gun laws,” and “Our job as writers is to get people to engage and to start talking – and this is a conversation we as a nation badly need to have.”

The National Rifle Association slammed the effort calling it “shameless shilling on behalf of a statist billionaire would be derided in any artistic community,” and asking gun owners to “consider their own consumption of media accordingly.”

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