Fatally shot elephant falls on big game hunter, killing him

Theunis Botha

Theunis Botha

A professional big game hunter was killed Friday while on an expedition in Gwai, Zimbabwe, after a dying elephant fell on him.

Theunis Botha, 51, was with a group of hunters when they came across a herd of breeding elephants who became aggressive toward the hunters.

Three of the animals charged at the hunters, causing Botha to fire at them. But then a fourth elephant charged Botha from the side and lifted him with her trunk. At that point, one of the other hunters shot the elephant and while the animal collapsed from the fatal shot, it fell on Botha, crushing him.

Botha was a well-known big game hunter and houndsman who would often accompany Americans during trophy hunts in South Africa.

Botha leaves behind a wife, Carika, and five children.

[ News 24 ]

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