Gun store's $200K security system includes a fog machine (VIDEO)

One Houston-area gun shop has a formidable array of security systems that runs the gamut from steel and concrete walls, armored glass, security gates and an instant fog bank booby trap.

KHOU in Texas details the Saddle River Range on FM 1488 at Horseshoe Bend, run by Thom Bolsch, a 25-year veteran of the Secret Service.

Bolsch built the shop from the ground-up and includes 61 cameras and a “FlashFog” security system that delivers both strobes and fog when activated, disorienting anyone who makes it through the more static defenses.

“The premise, of course, is if you can’t see the guns you can’t steal the guns,” Bolsch says. “And most importantly as well is you can’t even find your way out.”

Is there a way to replace the marshmallow smoke with CS? Just saying…

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