Terrifying robbery caught on camera (VIDEO)


Authorities are searching for the man who robbed a Phoenix Metro PCS store earlier this month and held two employees at gunpoint.

The incident unfolded on May 13 around 9:30 a.m. when the suspect stormed the store and forced two female employees into a back room at gunpoint. He ordered the women on the floor and hovered over them while aiming his gun at them.

One of the victims, who only wanted to be identified as Elizabeth, said her thoughts were, “He was either going to abuse us, rape us or shoot us.”

Surveillance video showed the women shaking with fear while the suspect put a gun to their heads.

Elizabeth said she remembered exactly how everything happened but at the same time it was all a blur. She said the suspect was adamant about the women not looking at his face.

“He had asked my co-worker if she saw his face — that was his biggest thing,” she said. “‘Do not look at my face.’ That’s when he pointed the gun at her she’s like ‘No, no! I didn’t see your face.'”

As best they could tell, the suspect was Hispanic, about 5-foot-11 and about 160 pounds. They think he might have also worn a ponytail tucked up into his hoodie.

The suspect made off with an undisclosed amount of cash and, although traumatized, the employees were uninjured.

[ ABC 15 ]

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