Colonel Mustard's CCW: The Allen and Thurber pepper box revolver (VIDEO)

Capandball, a Hungarian black powder enthusiast, and collector, puts the classic Allen & Thurber .32 cal pepperbox revolver through its paces.

The pepperbox, with its rotating barrels, first popped up back in the 1830s and were popular with the “49-ers” of the old San Francisco Gold Rush days and others surely saw service as personal weapons in the Civil War and later.

While today we most often run into them as game pieces in pre-2008 versions of Clue, Cap’s example is an Allen and Thurber made in Massachusetts between 1854-56 and still works very well. It’s a six-barrel DA gun that was reasonably concealable, all attributes that gunmakers seek out today on their newest offerings. Not bad for 160-year-old tech.

Sure, Cap has the whole Bela Lugosi thing going on (who was also Hungarian), but he really knows his black powder guns and not only breaks down the vintage smoke pole to test functionality but puts lead downrange with it as well.

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