Florida: Hackers may have obtained names of 16,000 CCW holders

Officials in the Sunshine State on Monday warned that some information on concealed weapon licensees may have been comprised.

In a statement issued by Florida Department of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who oversees the program, 469 customers may have had their social security numbers disclosed and another 16,190 may have had their names but “no other individually identifying information” obtained as a result of a data breach that may have come from overseas.

“No financial information was obtained in this data breach, which is the first that has occurred during this administration,” said the agency, who is offering free credit protection for one year to the smaller group who may have had their social security number leaked.

Under statutes passed by lawmakers in 2006, license holder information is off-limits from public disclosure except under court order, law enforcement subpoena, or with the express permission of the licensee.

Putnam has ordered what is termed “a comprehensive review” of the department’s cybersecurity measures, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is assisting the department with its active investigation. The agency currently has over 1.7 million licenses in circulation, more than any other state.

The agency is actively contacting those who may have had their social security numbers breached. License holders who may have been affected can call 1-800-350-1119 for more information.

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