Hogue unveils new beavertail grip sleeves for Ruger LCP II

The grip sleeves come in a variety of colors to suit shooters' style. (Photo: Hogue)

The grip sleeve in Hogue’s newest color, aqua. (Photo: Hogue)

Hogue introduced the latest in its series of Beavertail HandAll Grip Sleeves, this time aiming its sights at Ruger’s LCP II.

The HandAll features a design that precisely fits Ruger’s newest compact LCP model. The grip sleeve installs by slipping it over the LCP II’s gripframe until it seats into position. The sleeve matches the contours of the polymer frame gun, providing a secure yet comfortable fit.

“The LCP II does not have removable grips that you can simply replace,” said grip designer Matt Hogue in a statement. “The Hogue solution was to build a model of our HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve that works with the existing frame and adds comfort along with a precision fit.”

If blue, purple or pink aren't in the cards, Hogue also offers more low-key colors like tan. (Photo: Hogue)

In addition to brightly colored sleeves, the company also offers more low-key colors like tan. (Photo: Hogue)

Once installed, the HandAll provides a single finger groove for instinctive handling of the gun. That finger groove leads into the carefully created palm swell designed for a natural fit in the hand. Constructed with a beavertail, the grip sleeve rises high along the backstrap of the gun’s frame, offering full rubber contact even with higher hand placement.

The surface is covered in the company’s Cobblestone texture, a series of small bumps that serve a non-slip, non-irritating pattern for easy gripping. Built from durable rubber, Hogue says the material retains its firm, tacky feel throughout the lifetime of the grip.

With a MSRP at $10.95 for the basic black model and $12.95 for OD green, flat dark earth, aqua, pink and purple, shooters are bound to find a style that fits their LCP II perfectly.

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