The rhyme and reason to MP5 reload tricks (VIDEO)

Ziga with Polenar Tactical came all the way from Slovenia to get some close-in work with a Zenith MP5 and walks through the peculiarities of how to keep it running.

Virginia-based Zenith makes a ton of true to form roller-locked MP5 clones (MKE Z-5s in their parlance) but like all of the species, they have some tricks to loading and reloading due to the fact they don’t stay locked open on the last round and they don’t chamber a full mag on a closed bolt without a struggle. This is where Ziga taps in with how to perform both an emergency and a tactical (grrr) reload with a full mag.

Between legacy German guns and those by Urbach Precision, HK bringing the new semi-auto SP5K on the market, Zenit’s own offerings and U.S-made guns from Dakota Tactical and TPM Outfitters among others, the Teutonic room broom has never been hotter, so the above is timely for new MP5 club members.

As a bonus, here is some long range work with the same gun (or maybe there is a guy behind the steel with a hammer, who knows?)

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