Dispatches from gun country: 'Guns are restricted enough' in the U.S.

Branden Spear, owner of Spear Construction, photographed in Cambridge, Maryland sporting his Mossberg 930 Special Purpose 12-gauge shotgun. Behind him is his “Flag House.” (Photo: Ben Philippi)

In 2011, Branden Spear hand-painted a Victorian house in Cambridge, Maryland with the American flag in protest of the local historic building codes that made his job as a contractor difficult and expensive. Since then, his patriotic house has made the cover of many books and has been the topic of many articles, becoming a significant tourist attraction. Branden’s also a big supporter of the Second Amendment.

History always repeats itself. During the 1920’s, Hitler removed guns from people. Look what happened there.

The law to use a firearm in self-defense nowadays is so strict that you almost have to stop and think, ‘Am I legally able to defend myself?’

We are pushed to make sure that we kill the burglar to avoid being penalized in court, as opposed to just wounding him.

Guns are restricted enough in this country!

‘If you can’t take guns off the street and out of the hands of criminals, then you shouldn’t take guns from rightful legal owners.’

I have a security alarm system at home. The sign on the front yard and windows is all you need 95% of the time to avoid being broken into. The other 4% of the time; a simple pump of a 12-gauge shotgun is enough to deter the intruder and if that isn‘t enough, well then I am loaded and ready for the last 1% of the time.

Read more perspectives on America’s gun culture in Ben Philippi’s book “We The People.”

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