A tale of battling Safety Bunch videos: Brady vs. Glock (VIDEOS)

Polymer gun supermaker Glock released a safety video on Friday, the same day that the Brady Campaign did. Guess which got more attention?

The Brady spot, 37 seconds featuring Campaign President Dan Gross, above, speaks to the fact that June 2 is being advocated by many in the gun control community as National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and asked people to #WearOrange to show their support. Now in it’s third year, the campaign brought a mixed bag of response online with national and local gun rights advocates taking to social media with their own impression of the what it meant to wear orange.

Glock, on the other hand, also released a video, featuring Team Glock competition shooters and spokesMarine R. Lee Ermey in a sendup of the opening to the classic “Brady Bunch” sitcom of the 1970s. Recast as “The Safety Bunch” the four spend about 90 seconds going over the four rules of gun safety.

Check it out below:

Which was more popular with the masses? Well, while neither went viral, one did seem to get more eyes than the other.

Just going to drop this here.

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