Everyone loves a good M3 Grease Gun (VIDEO)

Eric with IV8888 wraps his mind around a fun and functional Ithaca M3A1 submachine gun, a “disposable” gun that has stuck around for a long time.

Built as an uber cheap alternative to the really nice but kind of expensive Thompson M1A1 during WW II, the compact M3 was termed the “Grease Gun” by the troops due to its resemblance to that common shop tool. The gun not only replaced the Thompson in U.S. service but also remained in use with Army armored crews through the Cold War.

The IV8888 crew has a lot of fun with the old .45 burp gun and takes the time to break down a lot of neat and not commonly known facts about the M3 — such as the wire stock also serves as a barrel removal tool, mag loader and cleaning jag.

And they burn through a lot of ammo.

Those poor watermelons.

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