Hey, watch out for that flying refrigerator door (VIDEO)

06/6/17 11:50 AM | by

Hey watch out for that flying refrigerator door (VIDEO)

A video of a refrigerator packed with binary target marking compound and shot from a short distance away shows why you don’t do stuff like this.

The video, which shows the shooter retreating to cover behind a thin tree before he shoots and only narrowly misses coming into contact with a flying fridge door, was posted to social media on June 4 has since gotten a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.

As noted by Texas Machine Gun & Ordnance, who shared the video, “even if you are using a low-explosive like Tannerite, it is still not something to be a dumbass with. Just because it isn’t something sexy like high-explosives, doesn’t mean it won’t assist Darwin in culling the shallow end of the gene pool. Stand-off distance is your friend when dealing with any explosive.”

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