Kansas governor non-committal on bill banning guns from hospitals

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback. (Photo: Getty Images)

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (Photo: Getty Images)

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback remained non-committal Monday as to whether he would sign or veto a bill that would ban guns from public hospitals.

The Wichita Eagle reported the Kansas Legislature passed House Bill 2278 last week, leaving it in the hands of Brownback to sign, veto, or let become law without his signature.

“There are a lot of different facets to this bill,” Brownback said Monday at a separate bill signing. “These are heartfelt, difficult issues.”

Under current state law, hospitals will have to allow individuals with concealed carry permits to carry their firearms inside their facilities starting July 1, unless they install metal detectors and post security guards at entrances.

The bill passed last week would allow public hospitals to continue to ban guns.

“I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a negotiated settlement on that bill,” Brownback said of negotiations he mediated between the National Rifle Association and hospital groups.

“We thought we had a deal,” Brownback said. “That fell apart.”

Brownback said he was trying to weigh the legitimate concerns of some hospitals while not trampling on Kansans Second Amendment rights.

“There’s a lot of strong proponents for Second Amendment rights,” he said. “You’re trying to balance those.”

The governor has until June 15 to make his decision.

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