SureFire now shipping new R1 Lawman with Intellibeam light

The R1 Intellibeam is an updated take on the R1 Lawman. (Photo: SureFire)

The R1 Intellibeam is an updated take on the R1 Lawman. (Photo: SureFire)

SureFire announced Thursday that the latest in its series of tactical goodies, the R1 Lawman with Intellibeam flashlight, is now officially on its way to consumers.

The company confirmed in a press release that the new beam is now shipping.

The auto-adjusting R1 Intellibeam takes its predecessors, the R1 Lawman, to the next level introducing an intelligent microprocessor-based system that continuously evaluates the environment. The technology, known as Intellibeam, seamlessly adjusts light output to deliver the right amount of light for the task.

“If you’re in an open field or inside a large structure, you’ll get all 1,000 lumens of blinding light; if you’re in close-quarters, it’ll deliver the optimal amount of light for that environment—between 15 and 1,000 lumens—without compromising your own dark-adapted vision,” the company said on its site.

Pressing on the R1’s tailcap switch engages the auto-adjust mode but the module can be overridden manually by pressing the switch twice within one second.

The rechargeable handheld outputs up to 1,000 lumens with a run-time of 1.75 hours. On the low side, it outputs 15 lumens with a life of 45 hours.

The 8.1-inch light weighs a total of 10.2-ounces and retails for $442.89.

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