The inside of a rimfire suppressor after 2,000 rounds is pretty gnarly (VIDEO)

Top Shot Dustin Ellermann takes one of his Bowers cans that has gotten lots of love during his Marksmanship Camps and shows why you want to stay on top of your maintenance.

The events, held near Zavalla, Texas are for kids ages 9-13 and teens 14-18, with both sets of youth getting lots of trigger time on the donated Bowers Group Paradigm and USS .22 suppressors.

But the thing with rimfires, especially in belt-fed full auto, is that they leave suppressors really filthy with carbon and lead build-up, with most manufacturers urging users to clean their cans every 250-500 rounds. Letting any suppressor go too long without cleaning will turn a baffle stack into an ersatz heavy barrel with none of the benefits of either, ruining the device.

With about 2K rounds fed through the USS in the above video, Ellermann takes the caps off, pushes the stack out with a wooden dowel, and gets to work first with some water and then with an ultrasonic cleaner

But if you want to see more of that belt-fed full auto .22LR we mentioned, check out Ellermann in the video below

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