Veterans turned away from Texas restaurant over motorcycle vests (VIDEO)

A group of veterans who went to a Harker Heights, Texas, restaurant over the weekend were told they wouldn’t be served while wearing their motorcycle vests.

The group, who had met up for lunch following a funeral service, are all members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. The restaurant, Richard Rawling’s Garage, apparently has a strict no MC colors policy.

The restaurant manager told the group they could be served, but only if they removed their motorcycle vests. The group, however, refused.

“We decided to leave,” said Joe “Thumbs” Lipp, noting that the vests are not simply just a piece of clothing.

“It’s a matter of pride of who we are, what we are, where we’ve been, what we represent,” Lipp said.

When reporters from a local news station reached out to the restaurant, a spokesperson from Richard Rawling’s offering the following statement: “We have a dress code posted at the restaurant that requires that groups do not wear their MC colors in the restaurant. This is simply a safety and security decision.”

But Lipp said to say that every person on a motorcycle is an outlaw or looking for a fight is “something that we should be able to get past.”

Nonetheless, the group said they probably won’t be back.


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