A look at the peculiar Olympic Arms OA-98 AR pistol (VIDEO)

Ian with Forgotten Weapons looks at a curious offering in Rock Island Auction’s upcoming catalog– the lightweight and AWB-compliant OA-98.

Olympia, Washington-based Olympic Arms, currently working on closing their doors, made the 71-ounce OA-93 AR pistol, one of the first of its kind on the market. However, the federal assault weapon ban of 1994 popped up and kinda killed the ability to market it.

That’s where the OA-96 and it’s skinnier half-brother, the OA-98 came in.

A product of that era that today’s younger gun enthusiast who lives outside of California may have a hard time understanding, the AWB classified things as being assaulty either by the name it had or the features it carried. To get around it, Olympic cut features and trimmed the weight below 50 ounces (the threshold for an “assault pistol” under the law) to make the wasteland gat that is the OA-98.

If you think it looks wierd on the outside, just wait till Ian goes to take it apart.

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