Cancer patient upset over condition, treatment plotted to kill doctors (VIDEO)

Police say a California resident with stage four cancer was arrested last month on his way to kill his doctors, who, he felt, were not providing adequate treatment.

Yue Chen, 58, is facing attempted murder and firearms charges.

“This guy was clearly set on violence. He was armed and ready to do it…He felt as though his condition was worsening or certainly not improving, and he blamed these doctors for his plight,” said Palo Alto police Lt. James Reifschneider.

Chen was apprehended without incident after he was stopped by the California Highway Patrol in the Bay Area on May 31. Chen was in a rental car and, within his reach, were two handguns, both fully loaded with extended magazines.

Authorities put out an APB after receiving a 911 call from someone stating that Chen, along with two of his handguns, was missing and that the man planned to kill his doctors. The doctors were alerted to the situation and no one was injured.

Once in police custody, Chen was transported to a hospital to receive medical treatment related to his condition, then booked into the Santa Clara County Jail.

[ CBS ]

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