Cobalt Kinetics to offer accessories beginning with Pro Muzzle Brake


Cobalt Kinetics serves up the Pro Muzzle Brake to .223/5.56 platforms. (Photo: Cobalt Kinetics)

Rifle maker Cobalt Kinetics announced the first in its line of new Cobalt accessories, officially launching the Pro Muzzle Brake.

The muzzle brake, available now through Cobalt’s website, is ready to install on any .223/5.56 rifle that has a standard 1/2×28 thread pattern.

The Pro Muzzle Brake is standard on all team rifles and used in numerous competitions by the company’s professional shooting team. The brake measures 3.4 inches long by 1 inch in diameter and boasts a patent pending design. The design offers a symmetrical linear array of spherical baffles as well as intersecting port channels that aim to reduce recoil and muzzle rise by venting gasses to the side.

The rifle accessory features a new ultra-performance Black Lithium-iron surface conversion that significantly improves durability and longevity, according to Cobalt.

“Customers and fans have long been asking for us to sell the components that we use in our premium rifle line, and we have finally increased our production capacity to accommodate this,” Skylar Stewart, vice president of Cobalt Kinetics, said in a press release. “Over the next few months we will be adding all of the components used in our builds to our web store and at select dealers.“

As an added bonus, the company is releasing the first 100 Pro Muzzle Brakes as “limited edition” models that feature a laser etched serial number from 1 to 100. The limited edition brakes will offer a reduction in pricing as well, lowering the original MSRP of $190 to $160.

Though Cobalt dealers are set to receive the new muzzle brakes later this year, consumers can purchase the new design straight from Cobalt Kinetic’s website.

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