FL man plants 8 rounds into python eating his goat

A Florida man killed a 12-foot python last week after he found it eating one of his goats.

Scott Dame said his 10-year-old grandson was the first to find the python, which was wrapped around the goat and already swallowing its head.

“The first time I shot it, I shot it in the head, and I thought that did it, but he just recovered and took off,” Dame told reporters.

It took Dame eight rounds from his .45-caliber pistol to put the python down.

“I wasn’t trying to save it. A snake that big just has no business being here,” added Dame, who runs a pest control business.

Dame said he had another goat that has been missing for several weeks and he believes the python – or a different one – probably made that one into a meal as well.

[ KJRH ]

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