Shooting the 'world's lightest AR-15' pistol looks like a blast (VIDEO)

After a bit of a wait, Big Daddy Hoffman 1911 finally got his hands on the Extar Arms EXP — Extreme Lightweight Pistol — in 5.56mm.

The company bills the EXP Mk 2 on its website as the “lightest 5.56mm in the world,” tipping the scales at 48 ounces unloaded with an 8.5-inch barrel. This closely matches the old (and long out of production) Olympic Arms OA-98 of almost 20 years ago — though EXP uses a lot of polymer instead of skeletonized aluminum parts like OA did back in the day.

About halfway through the video, they do a demo on the gun’s controllability, but with all that unburnt powder on that stubby barrel, you get a fireball almost every time.  Still, with the ATF’s recent flip-flop on pistol braces, you almost don’t mind the meteor shower.

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