Dispatches from gun country: 'We still have some Americans with courage and fight left in them.'

Rusty Humphries, radio host, photographed in Phoenix, Arizona sporting his Winchester 1899 rifle. He stands next to his 1966 Chevy Impala. (Photo: Ben Philippi)

Rusty Humphries is an American broadcaster and conservative political commentator. He hosts RustyLive.com, and he’s a proud gun owner and Second Amendment advocate.

It’s very easy to allow emotion to get the better of you when talking about guns. If you’ve never been around them, they can seem very scary. TV, movies, the news, everywhere you turn, you see guns portrayed in a negative way. I think we have turned into a nation of big weenies, far more interested in lattes than Lugers, and if you choose not to arm or protect yourself, that’s your right, but with rights come responsibilities. I am responsible for my family and my property and we all have a responsibility to our posterity to protect this land for them.

One of the reasons our homeland has not been attacked, (other than with flying suicide bombers) is the fact that we have well over 300 million guns in this country, with millions of men and women who choose to know how to use them. Thank God we still have some Americans with courage and fight left in them. That’s a hell of a deterrent for anyone to wants to take, by force, what is ours.

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