High school senior walks out on graduation after he’s told to cover uniform (VIDEO)


Residents in Brentwood, California, put together a special graduation ceremony for a 17-year-old Army reservist who walked out on his high school’s graduation last week after being told he wasn’t allowed to wear his uniform.

Harland Fletcher wanted to wear his uniform alone, without the usual cap and gown.

“They told me no, and I told him I can’t deface the uniform like that. I can’t wear something over this and hide it. This isn’t something that should be hidden,” Fletcher said.

Liberty High School Principal Patrick Walsh wouldn’t budge on the decision, so Fletcher walked out of the ceremony. Walsh has since regretted the decision and issued a public apology.

“I deeply regret what occurred, and I thought that I needed to do two things in my life: One, apologize, and then two, try to find a way to make it better,” Walsh said during the special ceremony Monday.

About 100 people attended the ceremony, a great number of who were military veterans. Many attendees did not even know Fletcher but simply showed up to let him know they support him.

The school district has since said they plan to amend their graduation policy.

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