Rare snake breeder missing snake, cash and guns after break-in (VIDEO)

A Florida snake breeder is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the return of a rare snake that was stolen from his Riverview home last week.

Along with the white Leucistic boa constrictor, which is sometimes referred to as a Princess Diamond, the burglar took four guns and $1,500 in cash. But with approximately 600 snakes at his home, Daniel Rigsbey of KD Reptiles feels like the thieves were knowledgable about the breed and his home specifically targeted for that snake.

Rigsbey said the white boa is one of only about six breed-able Princess Diamonds in the United States, and while Rigsbey’s snake is not quite ready for breeding, her babies will be worth more than $200,000 a piece.

However, Rigsbey said the snake is his son’s favorite and has more sentimental than monetary value to his family. The 6-foot snake was also the pride and joy of the company.

“We have a couple like her but nothing her size,” Rigsbey said. “It breaks my heart every time I walk by and see [her tank] empty.”

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