Intruder duct taped, held for police by Albuquerque homeowner, neighbors (VIDEO)

A man who broke into an Albuquerque home Sunday afternoon was captured on surveillance video before he was captured by the homeowner and his neighbors and bound with duct tape as they waited for police.

The suspect, Mark Thompson, can be seen casually entering the home, putting on the homeowner’s jacket, turning on the television, and even grabbing a beer from the fridge. But as Thompson was making himself at home, the homeowner was watching him on his cell phone.

The homeowner called neighbor Shandra Vestal and she and her husband prepared to help nab the intruder.

Vestal went to the garage and grabbed two pistols from the gun safe as her husband blocked the cul-de-sac in case the intruder tried to leave. Moments later – as the security cameras were still rolling – Vestal, her husband, several other neighbors, and the homeowner entered the home and found Thompson.

“We got his arms and his feet duct taped. Then we picked him up, carried him out to the front yard and waited for the police to show up,” Vestal said.

As it turned out, that wasn’t the only home Thompson had broken into. In fact, during the break-in Thompson was wearing the same clothes he stole from a prior break-in. However, according to Vestal, Thompson said he wasn’t out to take anything from the home, he simply wanted to “be friends.”

[ KRQE ]

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