Nosler offers run of limited edition Model 48 Independence Day rifles

06/22/17 9:40 AM | by

The Model 48 Independence Rifle is offered in a limited run. (Photo: Nosler)

The Model 48 Independence Rifle is offered in a limited run. (Photo: Nosler)

In celebration of America’s upcoming birthday, Nosler launches a small run of 25 limited edition, Model 48 Independence Day rifles. The M48 Independence Day variant boasts some distinct and patriotic features for gun owners in search of something special for their rifle collection.

Chambered in the company’s all new 22 Nosler cartridge, the rifle touts a Kryptek Highlander dipped synthetic stock as well as a threaded muzzle perfect for mounting a brake or suppressor. With a laser engraved floorplate, the motto “ We the People” rests above an American flag, bringing some American pride to the setup.

The M48 action is constructed to offer a rigid platform for accuracy and durability. The bolt rides on precisely machined action rails while the front of the receiver is squared to true up with the match grade 24-inch stainless steel barrel. The gun serves up a Timney trigger and two-position Rocker Safety. The special run of M48 Independence Day Rifles are priced at $1,995.

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