Paratrooper who lost 4 limbs opens camp for Vets (VIDEO)

Travis Mills, who became a quadriplegic in Afghanistan, now classifies himself as a “recalibrated warrior” and is fighting a battle to help military families.

Mills, a retired staff sergeant from the 82nd Airborne Division, runs the Travis Mills Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed to benefit and assist wounded and injured veterans and their families. Mills says it is important to connect to combat injured vets on a relatable level to help instill confidence in them.

“For me personally, I don’t see a lot of amputees whatsoever, especially not quadruple amputees,” says Mills, overlayed in the above video from the AP showing him walking, driving, joking and kayaking. “But I am very confident in myself and my abilities. Where, we bring people in here and we give them a network to reach out to. We give them other families that have the same situation that they go through every day and let them know that here are some tricks or adaptive sports or things you can do as a family to make you feel you are still a part of everything. That you can still keep going.”

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