DeSantis releases Slim-Tuk for Glock 43 with laser/light

The Slim-Tuk features a tuck-able IWB design. (Photo: DeSantis)

The Slim-Tuk features a tuck-able IWB design. (Photo: DeSantis)

Holster maker DeSantis launched the Slim-Tuk design opening the minimalistic inside the waistband design up to laser/light equipped Glock 43s.

The ambidextrous IWB is fashioned from Kydex, a rigid plastic that boasts retention with its precision molded form. The Slim-Tuk utilizes a tuck-able 360-degree C-Clip, affording the concealed carrier an array of mounting options on the belt line. The hardware can be reversed, allowing the rig to move from the right side to the left. The C-Clip boasts adjustable tension and a rugged 1.75-inch design.

Though the IWB holster claims 10 different manufacturers and a total of 46 pistol pairings, the baby Glock is the latest to slip into the lineup. As an added bonus, DeSantis has included a Streamlight TLR-6 equipped G43 version so that shooters with a mounted laser/light can achieve the same level of concealment with the holster.

The G43 Slim-Tuk version is available online from DeSantis with a price tag just under $40.

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