Starline Brass expands rifle brass lineup, adds .243 Win

Starline introduces the .243 Win to its brass series. (Photo: Starline Brass)

Starline introduces the .243 Win to its brass series. (Photo: Starline Brass)

Starline Brass adds to its series of rifle brass, introducing the popular .243 Win rifle caliber to its cartridge lineup.

The .243 Win cartridge is produced using  the same quality control standards as Starline’s other brass offerings and is also boasts a price under comparable quality cases.

The brass goes through multiple hand and machine inspections to ensure no cosmetic or dimensional issues are present. All Starline cases are contained during the manufacturing process to provide a high quality and consistent cartridge.

The .243 Win was first introduced in 1955 by Winchester and is a popular yet versatile cartridge. With its roots in the .308 Win, the .243 touts low recoil and a flat trajectory.  The round’s accuracy potential allows it to work in a competitive shooting environment as well on the hunt.

“It is a very versatile cartridge that can be applied on a shooting bench looking over prairie dog town, waiting for a whitetail from 15′ up in a tree, or for hunting several other kinds of game,” the company said in a press release. “The 243’s excellent accuracy potential also makes it a popular choice of competitive shooters.”

The .243 Win is available from Starline in a box of 250 for$124, a box of 500 for $228 or a box of 1,000 for $416.

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