2 suspects killed in home invasion caught on camera (VIDEO)

Two would-be robbers were killed by a California homeowner late Wednesday night after they entered his garage and demanded he open a safe, only to find out that’s where the man stored a loaded gun.

The home invasion unfolded around 11:40 p.m. at a home in Brentwood, which is located about 55 miles outside of San Francisco, and part of the encounter was captured on surveillance video.

The two suspects appeared to case out the home before they entered the homeowner’s garage. Although not confirmed by authorities, neighbor Reggie Nichols said the man’s garage was probably open at the time of the crime, as he said it’s almost always open while the homeowner hangs out inside, watching television and such.

Once inside, the suspects demanded the homeowner open a safe, which he did. But unbeknown to the suspects, the homeowner kept a loaded gun in the safe and instead of grabbing loot, he grabbed the gun and opened fire on the suspects.

The suspects immediately ran away from the home, but both were struck by gunfire and died.

Authorities say the homeowner acted in self-defense and is not likely to face charges.

[ KTVU ]

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