Good Samaritans step up as suspect brutally assaults cop on California highway (VIDEO)

Two men are being hailed as heroes after they stop to help a California Highway Patrol officer who was being brutally attacked on the side of a highway in Solano County last weekend.

The assault happened around 8:30 a.m. June 17, and witnesses feared the officer was going to be killed.

Joel Jones, a 61-year-old retired sheriff’s deputy and former football linebacker turned pastor, was driving with his wife, Annalisa, when they first noticed the suspect, Gary Coslovich, 49, weaving recklessly in and out of traffic. Coslovisch struck two cars, causing them to lose control, then continued on.

Jones decided to follow the driver and soon thereafter, the CHP officer pulled Coslovich over, but Jones said it appeared Coslovich lost it when he realized the officer was a woman. Coslovich then attacked the officer.

“[Coslovich] punched her, hit her repeatedly, beat her to the ground and started stomping her,” Jones said.

“It was surreal,” Jones added. “It was like I was about to see a murder in front of me.”

The couple called the attack savage and sick. They also believed Coslovich was trying to take the officer’s gun. So Jones made the decision to go help the officer, while his wife began to pray.

Jones used his football skills to knock Coslovich to the ground and soon thereafter, Greg Bunting, a 52-year-old motorcycle mechanic, came upon the scene and decided to help as well.

Jones and Bunting then held Coslovich down on the ground until additional officers arrived on the scene.

Coslovich was arrested and charged with assault and battery charges against a peace officer.

The officer, whose name was not released, was taken to a local hospital where she was treated and released for what was described as moderate injuries.

And as for Jones and Bunting, they say they’re no heroes, they just did what needed to be done.

[ KTVU ]

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