When making gunpowder art, the final result comes in a flash (VIDEO)

Wyoming’s Danny Shervin has been “painting” with gunpowder for two decades and says he still gets nervous every time he goes to light a piece.

In the above video from 60 Second Docs, Shervin gives some insight into his process and his art, in which he uses different powders to create a durable image on a fabric canvas or wood panel. He doesn’t use glue or adhesive and carefully spreads each pellet or flake until, once he is satisfied, adds fire to the outline and watches it go.

His art sells anywhere from $45 to $4,500 through his website, but he cautions against running out and slapping some powder on paper to imitate.

“I highly recommend that you don’t try this at home as gunpowder is an explosive and is extremely dangerous,” he warns on social media. “It can lead to serious injury and the smoke produced is very hazardous to your health. I have over 20 years experience working with gunpowder and take all necessary safety precautions.”

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