Tips for recoil mitigation when the selector switch is set to Freedom (VIDEOS)

Ziga with Polenar Tactical came all the way from Slovenia to show off how to tame the Teutonic room broom that is an MP5 clone– and others.

Virginia-based Zenith makes a ton of true to form roller-locked MP5 clones (MKE Z-5s in their parlance) but like any SMG with a high rate of fire, they can be tricky to control sometimes. This is where Ziga taps in with a couple of tips to let Freedom ring.

As a bonus, and if you want to see a bigger caliber, below Polenar shows off an M70 (in 7.62x39mm) as well as an AKS74u (in 5.45x39mm), both set to giggle.

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