Mossad hushpuppy: The suppressed Beretta 71 pistol (VIDEO)

Jeff Bloovman of Armed Dynamics and Nick Humphries of Practically Tactical go quietly with the vaunted Beretta 71, which has a super cool history.

Marketed as the Jaguar, the M71 used a lightweight alloy frame to produce a 1960s-era pistol that tipped the scales at just 17-ounces. The 8/9-shot .22LR, using a 3.5-inch barrel was very accurate, and, when coupled with an early wipe-style pill bottle type suppressor, was very quiet. The concealable and compact pistol was used by Israeli El Al air marshals and, according to a lot of reports, officers of both the Mossad intelligence agency and Sayeret Matkal military intelligence.

Jeff and Nick use a more modern Griffin Checkmate can in the above video, but you more than get the idea.

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