Police surprise preschooler at his birthday party (VIDEO)

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The parents of a four-year-old boy in Longview, Texas, said local law enforcement went above and beyond the call of duty when they surprised the preschooler at his birthday party over the weekend.

Mason Williams loves everything about police, so in a bid to make his birthday party the best ever, his mother called the police department and asked them for, what she believed, was a very big favor.

“I asked them if they minded, just drive by, take a couple of pictures. And that’s all we were expecting and hoping for,” recalled Mason’s mother, Katy, who added that a flash of the lights or a roll of the siren would be extra special.

But they got much more than that.

“First we saw the huge SWAT vehicle, then there were two cop cars behind it,” Katy said. “I yelled at Mason told him there was a surprise for him outside. He ran, looked out the door, and oh my gosh!”

The group of officers came bearing gifts, let Mason play with a remote-controlled minature police car, as well as get inside and look around a real one. The boy’s mother said he was definitely in his element.

Mason’s father, Aaron, said the officers “just really went way out of their way, way out of their way, to make it a special birthday for him.”

Mason’s parents thanked the officers for their kindness, while Katy added she doesn’t think her son will ever forget his fourth birthday.

As for Mason, he said, “I like the sirens.”

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