Sig Sauer range causes stir after bullets land in highway

The Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire is trying to improve the safety of its shooting ranges after New Hampshire State Police found that bullets were landing on a nearby highway.

The Union Leader reported the academy released a statement Tuesday afternoon, in which they said a safety structure was under construction to prevent any further incidents.

“The Sig Sauer Academy is fully operational and running regularly scheduled classes and events. The Sig Sauer Academy would like to thank the New Hampshire State Police for their professionalism and the thoroughness of their investigation,” the statement said.

“In April, the Sig Sauer Academy voluntarily suspended normal use of the ranges adjacent to Route 101,” the statement continued. “Since then, a structure has been designed that will provide additional safety measures and is currently under construction.”

The academy’s statement was issued after the New Hampshire State Police unveiled findings of an investigation that started in April when a women’s windshield was struck by a bullet on Route 101 near the academy.

Police concluded the bullet more than likely came from the academy but that it could not have been fired at the time the woman was driving.

Lt. John Hennessey said the bullet may have already been on the road and possibly was flung at her windshield by the tire of another vehicle. Hennessey said investigators found several rounds on the road.

“How those rounds are getting out on the highway we can’t say,” he said.

Hennessey noted Sig Sauer officials had cooperated fully with the investigation and have shut down ranges facing the highway until the new safety structure is installed.

“They presented us with the fix to their round-retention issue. We’re satisfied with that and feel that will solve any sort of retention problems,” Hennessey said.

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