Protech Tactical launches plate carriers and racks boasting FirstSpear tech

The Shift 360 is one of several models boasting FirstSpear technology (Photo: Protech Tactical)

The Shift 360 is one of several models boasting FirstSpear technology. (Photo: Protech Tactical)

Protech Tactical unveiled a complete line of integrated tactical plate racks and carriers Tuesday featuring FirstSpear technologies.

The addition of the new tactical gear expands the ability of users to personalize armor with a variety of configurations for five of Protech’s best selling platforms — the Fast Attack Vest, Titan Assault Vest, All Purpose Vest and Shift 360 and TAC PH plate racks.

The models now boast a combination of the FirstSpear 6/12 load-bearing platform and the FirstSpear Tubes closure system, offering a lightweight design matched with innovative donning and doffing capabilities.

“We’re pleased to make this comprehensive system available in our Protech Tactical line. Our partnership with FirstSpear enables us to incorporate even more technologies demanded by the tactical elite,” said Brian Santimauro, director of Tactical Soft Armor, in a press release. “This collaboration not only propels our product to the next level, but also provides our domestic frontlines with necessary equipment and protection.”

In addition to the rack and carriers, Protech also introduced FirstSpear 6/12 pouch backers designed with an approximate 40 percent weight reduction as compared to traditional pouch backers. Using minimal material paired with a simpler design, 6/12 backers tout a condensed, low-profile silhouette on tactical platforms, which improves signature management. Pouches integrated with 6/12 backers are only compatible on 6/12 load-bearing platforms.

Prices on the Protech FirstSpear lineup vary depending on model, ballistic packages and addition accessories. The lineup is offered in an array of colors customizable accessories.

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