Wingshooting German potato masher grenades with a trench gun (VIDEO)

Fresh from No Man’s Land, C&Rsenal and Taofledermaus tackle the old WWI trope of being able to blast incoming grenades with a 12 gauge.

While the Kaiser’s field gray legions and the armies of the Allies began mixing it up on the Western Front in August of 1914, it wasn’t until almost three years later that the first U.S troops began going “over there” to fight in the War to End All Wars. One of the weapons the Doughboys brought with them from the states were 12 gauge trench guns, such as the Winchester 1897 which could be slam fired as fast as the pump could be worked, unloading 54 balls of 00 buckshot in about five seconds.

But was buckshot fired from a cylinder bore riot gun capable of blasting a flying Stielhandgranate out of the sky over the trenches?

Check out the above video to see the results.

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