Dusting off a vintage Portuguese 1904 Mauser–Vergueiro (VIDEO)

The Portuguese m1904/39 is a bit different from your standard Mauser and includes a lot of unique features, and Eric with IV8888 is here to break it down.

Chambered originally in 6.5x58mm Vergueiro– named after inventor Portuguese Army Capt. José Alberto Vergueiro, most of these German DWM-made guns were reworked for 8mm Mauser just before World War II and remained in service through Portugal’s colonial wars in Africa in the 1960s. Dubbed the Espingarda 6,5 mm m/1904 in Portuguese service, these bolt-action rifles were well-liked but had a number of tweaks to the basic G98 it was based on.

“It’s kinda a Mauser rifle and kinda not,” says Eric in the above video, working the gun out past 600 yards with iron sights.

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