Ohio judge requires teens to write report on war as part of sentencing (VIDEO)

An Ohio judge handed down a rather unusual punishment in a Stark County court Monday to two teens who accidentally shot a man last year. The young men will be required to read a book about war and submit a five-page book report to the judge.

Jonas Rohr and Kyle Bodager, both 19 years old, were target practicing when a stray bullet struck a nearby neighbor who was mowing his lawn. The man, Merle Webb, survived his injuries, but he doesn’t think the boys understand the seriousness of what they did. Judge Frank Forchione agrees.

“They didn’t intend to hurt anyone, but they did,” Forchione said.

The teens were convicted of discharging a firearm near a prohibited premise, and Forchione doesn’t want to see them back in his courtroom. He told reporters that he believes the prisons are already overcrowded so he tries to do something different with defendants whenever possible.

He gave the teens books about World War II and the Vietnam War, told them to read the books, then write a report on how the books impacted them and what changes have taken place in their lives.

In addition to jail time and the book reports, the teens will also be required to carry out 200 hours of community service at the Ohio Veteran’s Memorial Park in Clinton, Ohio.

Webb said he was both surprised and pleased with the judge’s decision.

[ Fox 8 ]

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