Dispatches from gun country: As an officer, I believe citizens need to be armed

Dave Romero, Chicago Police Department officer, photographed in Chicago, Illinois sporting his LMT AR-15 rifle. (Photo: Ben Philippi)

As a law enforcement officer, Dave Romero believes citizens have the right to protect themselves. Often, officers arrive too late despite doing their best to get there on time.

As an Officer in a major metropolitan city, I see the importance of the Second Amendment to the citizens of our country better than any politician can.

On a daily basis, I respond to life threatening situations on a daily basis and many times, our arrival is too late. It’s those times when I think, ‘if only this person had been armed at the time of the attack, they wouldn’t be a victim.’

Unfortunately, police departments across the country are understaffed and overworked, and with the changing economic times, violent crimes against hard working law abiding citizens are steadily rising. The citizens of the United States have an absolute God given right to defend themselves, and resistance to oppression, so I thank our Forefathers for their amazing wisdom and foresight in creating the Second Amendment.

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